“We write this letter in recommendation of Hal Stern who my husband and I recently had the distinct pleasure to work with and to come to know as a unique professional and a friend.

In May of this year, we began the process of purchasing a property that was adjacent to a home we currently own in Flagstaff, Arizona. The home had been on the market for a considerable length of` time during which I had had several opportunities to view it with acquaintances that were potential buyers. I met Hal through these viewings and was immediately impressed with the extent of his knowledge about the property and the area. Hal, on his own volition, decided to have the house re-appraised to better align it with the current market situation and let us know that the price was now at a much different point than it had been previously, which allowed us to seriously consider purchasing it.

This property is not a typical listing in that it involves acreage, two residences and a sizeable Koi pond stocked with 17 large, beautiful creatures. Hal had to not only make sure that the house and property were in show condition, but that these lovely fish survived with no residents on the property. He went well out of his way on multiple occasions to make sure that the pond was operational and a healthy environment for these animals – no small task.

In addition, while treading that delicate line of representing both buyer and seller in a transaction, his thoroughness and professionalism never ceased to amaze us. Both parties were left pleased and satisfied that their interests had been considered and preserved. As my husband and I live 150 miles from this property, it would have been very easy for small but important items to be ignored and we would not have been any the wiser. Hal’s integrity showed through constantly as items that needed addressing were brought to our attention, even those missed by the home inspector. He even went so far as to, completely on his own, install a lamp and timer in the house knowing that we would only be in residence occasionally. At all times, he made sure that any work that was done was up to his own very high and exacting standards.

In these current times when it is becoming increasingly unusual to find people who live up to even their basic responsibilities, to find an individual who has such dedication, perseverance and takes such pride in doing their job above and beyond all expectation, is truly refreshing and a bit humbling- it makes you take stock of yourself and ask whether you, too, provide this level of caring and service in your own endeavors. It has truly been our honor and pleasure to work with Hal and we expect to have him be a wonderful addition to our lives for many years to come.”